Jodie and I posing for Quiz's prom competition!

A week ago today I was invited to the #SLBloggerBash in London. I met up with Jodie just before the event so that we could arrive there together and I'm so glad we did becasue I didn't really know anyone else who was attending! At the event there were stalls for a few brands, including Quiz, Urban Outfitters and Bon Prix. Most of them had competitions on and it was lots of fun learning more about each brand and entering to win prizes-one of which was a brand new DSLR camera.


Tuff Love

I'm seriously in love with this t-shirt, it's the perfect length and the pattern is gorgeous! My favourite colour is purple, so I love the pinky-purple tones to this tee and they're perfect for Spring/Summer. Today, I've decided to pair it with some skinny ripped black jeans and tan suede ankle boots. I'm thinking in the summer this t-shirt will also be perfect for throwing over the top of a bikini on the beach.


Roots + Rituals||Hair Therapy

Hair Oil*-£15.99

I think I may have found my hair holy grail. I've been testing out a few new bits and pieces recently, but this little kit is by far my absolute favourite. Basically it's a set of hair oil and conditioner which, after using them yesterday before blowdrying and straightening my hair, left my hair amazingly smooth and silky. 


Neal + Wolf Heat Protection

Heat Protection*-£11.50 (here)

Today I've got another amazing haircare product to share with you, and this time it's a heat protectant spray. I typically straighten my hair once a week, so it's really important for me to have a good quality heat protectant spray to minimise the damage done to my hair. I've used a fair few in the past, but this has to be my favourite so far!


Back To Black

As the weather's been getting warmer, I've been able to snap more outfit photos and today I have something plain and simple to share with you-an all black ensemble. As much as I love experimenting with colours and prints, sometimes nothing beats a classic black outfit. Today I've teamed a light cropeed knit jumper with a skater skirt and knee high boots. I love this outfit and I think it's great for days when I don't feel like wearing colour.


Haircare where you call the shots!

Concoction Shampoo + 2 shots*-£14 (here)

I was so excited to find this in my goody bag for the Hot Hair event that I just couldn't wait to try it! I remember when Jane featured Concoction on her blog, and I loved the concept of the brand, but never bought anything from them (mainly because my bank balance isn't exactly the best right now...) Now that I have had the chance to try the shampoo I have to say I am really impressed, and I'll definitely be looking into buying the conditioner when my summer loan comes in!



Last Saturday I headed down to Notting Hill and went to one of the most exciting exercise classes I've ever been to-Hula Fit! The basic concept is that you hula hoop for the whole class, and do a few different exercises that aim to really tighten up your core. There were around 12 of us at the class and I really enjoyed getting to know a few other bloggers while also trying a new class.


The Boho Pony

Boho ponytail*-£27 (here

I've never tried extensions or clip ins before, mainly because I've always had quite thick hair and I've been put off by seeing way too many photos of terrible extensions. Therefore, when I went to the Hot Hair event a couple of weeks ago I was unsure if I would find anything that changed my mind on hair extensions and clip ins. Luckily, I did and it was love as soon as they put it in my hair!


Bare Foot-pampering for your feet!

Bare Foot products*- here

When it comes to bodycare, I have to admit I'm incredibly lazy! At most, I'll moisturise once a week or so and apply hand cream a few times a week. I know I really should make more effort, but moisturising always seems to take FOREVER and I hate having to stand around waiting for it to sink in...If there's one area of my body that's forgotten about the most it's definitely my feet, so they really need a good pampering!


Just a quickie

I managed to get my brother to snap a few quick photos on my phone before we headed out to our friend's 21st celebrations. As it was just a gathering of people at his house, I wanted to keep my outfit fairly casual, so I opted for a long jumper, pleather trousers and some heeled boots. This is definitely one of my favourite casual outfits, all of the pieces just go so well together! 

We took these photos down our street, and I really should take more photos on the road, it's nice to have a change of backdrop.