Green People Vita Min Mask

Green People Vita Min Mask*, £15.95
As my skin has the tendency to get very dry, I'm a big fan of hydrating face masks.  Green People's Vita Min Mask is a great addition to my skincare routine, and leaving it on overnight gives such lovely results for my skin when I wake up I had to share it with you guys!


Kardazzle like a Kardashian!!

Kourtney's Kardazzle face palette, £14.95
I can't believe I haven't shared this beauty with you guys on my blog yet!  I bought it during my holiday in America (way back in early August) and completely forgot to photograph and fully review it.  Anywho, better late than never, I really love this palette, the shadows are pigmented and easy to blend and the colours all work effortlessly together.


Irritated, Red Skin? This Works!

Calendula Redness Rescue Serum*, £45
Recently my skin's been really acting up.  For instance, just around the base of my nose it's been very irritated and red, which was impossible to cover with makeup because the area was so dry as well!  Therefore, I was on the hunt for something that was going to help to soothe my skin and reduce the redness as quickly as possible (which basically left me looking like I had a permanent cold!).


Uni Room Tour!

Heya everyone! Today I have something a little different on my YouTube channel-a tour of my room at university.  I can't quite believe this is my final year in Exeter, in a few short months I'll be applying for jobs nad seriously thinking about what I want to do with my life...

Before all that I've got a tonne of third year work to do, I've only been back week and every day I've basically worked solidly from 9-5, it's definitely a massive step up from second year.


Rimmel Wonder'Full Mascara

Rimmel is one of my favourite brands, and as my beloved Too Faced mascara has recently dried out, I was on the hunt for a new mascara to take it's place.  I've seen a few reviews of this cropping up, with the majority being really positive, so I thought I might as well take the plunge and buy it myself!


Back To School

As a Uni student, I'm very into minimal effort, casual dressing, so this jumper dress from Primark is right up my alley!  I picked it up on a bit of a whim on a recent shopping trip but after trying it on, it's definitely one of my favourite Autumn finds.  It's a lot more fitted than I first expected and the plain white collar is a lovely detail which I think would look lovely with a necklace layered under it.


Brand Focus||Oriflame

Oriflame is a brand I hadn't really heard of before a few weeks ago!  They had a stall full of their products at the Bloggers festival, and after testing out the triple core lipstick and falling in love with it (photos below) they were lovely enough to send me over a few more pieces from the ONE range to review.


Alchemy Grapefruit Hair Remedy Oil

Alchemy Hair Remedy*, £17.99
Hair oil is a vital part of my daily haircare routine.  The ends of my hair tend to get very dry, so I find adding a few pumps of oil to them helps to restore their moisture levels and also tame my thick, curly hair and reduce frizz.  Alchemy Hair Remedy Oil is a blend of 5 oils which claim to strengthen and improve the condition of your hair and unlike cheaper oils on the market, there's no added chemicals, 5 oils is all there is in the bottle!


Rimmel Apocalips||Meteoric Matte and Celestial

Rimmel Apocalips in Meteoric Matte and Celestial, £6.49 each
Ever since the apocalips launched around a couple of years ago, I've been a massive fan of them.  They give a really pigmented, glossy finish and have fab lasting power.  I was out shopping recently and I spotted three new shades in a completely new finish-matte!