L'Oreal Techni Art

Techni Art Volume Lift* £10.99 (here)
Techni Art Fix Design* £8.76 (here)

These were part of the goody bags at Bloggers Love fashion week (which seems like it was ages ago!) and at first I was a bit sceptical about using them, I barely use any styling products on my hair.  I've since given both of them a go and I have to say I really like them!


Mixed Bristle Brushes

Lee Stafford Silky Smoother Brush*, £9.99

Previously, I've not been very picky with what I use to brush my hair, I actually just used the large paddle brush that came with my hair straighteners.  Recently I've been introduced to the lovely world of mixed bristle brushes, which are just so much better for your hair, leaving it in a healthier condition than other brushes and even increasing shine.


Heritage Lottie Jumper

As the weather's begun to cool down, I've been on the hunt for some jumpers to add to my wardrobe.  I saw some of Fever's clothing at Bloggers Fashion Week, and they very kindly sent me over one of my favourite pieces from their collection, the Lottie jumper!


Cloud 9 Quick Dry Potion

Cloud 9 Quick Dry Potion*, £17.95

If any of you have really thick hair like me, you'll know that blow drying can seem like a boring, never-ending task.  Luckily, I've found a product that cuts blow dry time in half (so for me that takes it from 40 minutes, to a speedy 20) which can really save you time, and definitely makes blow drying seem like less of a daunting task!


Brow This Way...Or Not

I have VERY thick brows, so you would probably think I don't really need brow products, but they're fairly sparse on the inner third compared to the rest, so sometimes I like to run a bit of colour through them to make them look more even.  My brows can also be a bit unruly, so brow gel is great for keeping them in place.


Peacock Feather Earrings.

I was gifted these at the Bloggers Love fashion week, and I love them so much!  I (very) rarely wear feathers, but these are so pretty, I find myself reaching for them most days as the perfect accessory for any outfit.  They pretty much match the tones of my hair colour, so they kind of blend in with that, so even thought they're pretty large feathers, they're still qite subtle.


Autumn Beauty Haul!

Heya everyone!  Today I have part one of two of my Autumn hauls.  I seem to have accumulated quite a few (A LOT OF) beauty and fashion pieces, so I thought I would share them all with you, starting with the beauty bits.  I went to four blogger events last week, so I was lucky enough to be gifted quite a few pieces (which I have marked out) and I also bought myself a few bits to help me transition into Autumn/Winter trends.


Oversized Denim Jacket

I can't quite believe I've managed to actually post an outfit every day this week, final one's coming up tomorrow!  I've had this drop hem dress in my wardrobe for a while now, and I think it goes perfectly with these military boots and an oversized denim  shirt.


Emerald Slip

Seeing as it's Friday, I've gone for something a little bit more dressy and I'm not quite sure if it's an outfit I would really have the confidence to wear out!  I found this cute emerald slip in a thrift store in Nashville and I love how it looks with these killer suede boots and oversized jacket.


Tapestry Jacket

I got this jacket for an absolute bargain for $4 at a thrift store in Nashville and I'm so in love with it, it's ust gorgeous!  When I wear it out, I prefer to keep the rest of my outfit simple so that the jacket can take centre stage.  It goes perfectly with these ripped jeans, a black vest and white court shoes.