NYX Caviar and Bubbles Palette

Caviar and Bubbles palette-no longer stocked

First off, I'm sorry that this is no longer in stock on the NYX website (here's a link to where it can be bought when it is in stock online).  I snapped this up from Gemma's (Miss Makeup Magpie) blog sale and I'm so glad that I did, it's the perfect neutral palette!  There's a mix of mattes and shimmery shades in the palette, and they all compliment each other perfectly, making it really easy to create a neutral eye shadow look.  

I've used this palette for quick, simple neutral looks and also for more dramatic smokey eye shadow looks when I'm going out with friends and it's great to get so many different make up looks out of one palette!

Although this is tricky to get your hands on, I definitely would recommend picking up a NYX eyeshadow palette, they're great value for money and really brilliant quality.


Skincare for lazy girls!

Procelain Cleansing Bar, $68*

As much as I love my skincare routine, boy is it tiring to do!  When I have 10 minutes to get up and go the idea of double cleansing, toning and slapping on moisturisers and serums makes me just want to crawl back into bed.  Therefore, when I was given the chance to try out this porcelain cleansing bar as a replacement to my cleansing and toning routine, I jumped at the chance!

I have very sensitive, dry skin so I was a little bit worried that using a cleansing bar may suck all the moisture out of my skin leaving it irritated, dry and flaky.  Luckily when you work this cleanser into your skin (I wet my hands, worked the cleanser into this then applied it to my face before removing with a cloth) it actually feels really soft and milky, which left my skin feeling nice and moisturised instead of tight.  

As well as loving how gentle and moisturising this bar is, I also love that it only contains four ingredients, which is probably why it is less likely to irritate your skin than typical skincare products.  The ingredients are: Bentonite, Sekken Soji, Squalene and Glycerin (I've linked to information on each ingredient in case you want more information on each one).   These four are really great at tackling different skincare problems, so using them twice daily to cleanse definitely does help to keep dry skin at bay while also removing dirt from the skin.

While $68 is expensive for me when it comes to skincare, with the routine I use at the moment, I've spent £30 on my two cleansers and £16 on toner so it works out cheaper to replace them all with this cleansing bar (which also saves me quite a bit of time in the morning!).

Have any of you tried switching a multiple-step cleansing routine for using one product that does it all? What do you think of this bar?

*Interested in buying the product, use the code AAAlbertine10 and get 10% off!*


Science Museum, Lookbook and Blogger's Fashion Week!

So I've been fairly busy this week, starting with a little trip to the Science Museum!  I went with my friends Fiona and Imogen and we had a fab time, I haven't been there in ages!  I also went to the Blogger's Fashion Week pre-party and met up with the lovely Jess, Charlie and Lauren (post to come soon about that!).


Revlon Moisture Lip Stain in India Intrigue

Revlon Moisture Stain, £7.99

I actually bought this way back when I was in America, but I've only just got round to featuring it on my blog!  Revlon moisture stains have been out for a month or so now, and as I'm a big fan of long-lasting glossy lip products, I had to give this one a go.

Although I do really like the finish, I found it didn't stay like this on my lips for long, and I found myself obsessively re-applying it for a good 20 minutes desperately trying to get an even finish across my lips.  Frankly, it just left me feeling irritated and uncomfortable (I can't stand patchy lip colour) so I haven't touched it since.  I will be giving it another go soon, but I do feel like this just does not work for me!

I know there are quite a few other people who really love these, so definitely have a look at other reviews.  However, if you're also a little bit OCD about your lip products looking perfect, and also have slightly uneven lips like me, I would definitely give this a miss, it'll just wind you up!