Shopping My Mum's Wardrobe||Part 2

I'm really enjoying this new fashion series on my blog, while it's nice to buy new clothes every once in a while there's nothing I love more than breathing life back into old ones. Last week I shared a beautiful gold jumper and this week it's a vibrant purple knitted cardigan. You guys may not know, but purple is actually my favourite colour, and wearing it always makes me feel really happy! I think it goes perfectly with this printed midi dress and red platform sandals.


The Camden Spirit Awards

Camden Spirit Awards-The Stables Market, Camden

Working at a local paper has been exhausting, but luckily I managed to muster up enough energy on Wednesday evening to head down to the Stables Market in Camden to meet the three lucky winners of the Camden Spirit Awards and have a browse through their current collections.


Shopping My Mum's Wardrobe||Part 1

My mum recently had a clear out of her wardrobe, and I just couldn't resist going through what she was throwing out and seeing if I could make it work in my own wardrobe! I found a few pieces that I now really love, and so I thought I would share them on a weekly basis with you guys. This week's piece is a beautiful sparkly gold jumper that I couldn't help but rescue. I love teaming it with my vintage Lee jeans and these heels for a relaxed, summery feel. 


Omniya Repair, Restore and Replenish Treatment

Last week I was invited down to Omniya, which is on a road opposite Harrods(!), to try out one of their Repair, Restore and Replenish facials* that has been developed and created by senior skin specialist Debbie Costello. I met Debbie at a SkinCeuticals launch a couple of weeks ago and after having a quick chat with her, I couldn't wait to try out the new treatment! I arrived at Omniya after a hectic few days of working for a PR company, travelling to and from Exeter for my graduation and attending a few press events, so it was really lovely to be able to relax and treat myself to a little bit of a pamper.



I can't quite believe I'm sitting here writing about the fact I've graduated from Uni, the three years have really flown by! I started this blog halfway through my first year, and since then not only has my blogging style changed (for the better) but I also feel like I've definitely grown as a person. 


Adding To My Shoe Collection

Leopard Boots-Office, £75 £42
Loafers-Topshop, £52 £25

If there's one thing I love buying in the sale, it's shoes. I got both of these for half (or less) of their original price and I think they're going to be perfect for A/W! I knew I wanted to add a few new pairs of flat shoes to my wardrobe (especially as I now spend a lot of my time walking around London!) and I think these two are going to go really well with what's already in my wardrobe. 


Beauty Kitchen Body Polish

Inspire Me Brightening & Toning Body Polish*-£14.99 (here)

Honestly, I'm really lazy with bodycare. My usual routine consists of using shower gel every day and occasionally using a scrub and some moisturiser, but as it gets hotter and sunnier I like to take more time looking after my body and I find body scrubs are essential for keeping my skin soft. 


The Exante Diet

I meat to put this up yesterday (seeing as Saturdays on my blog are food and fitness themed) but I've been so busy with work I've only just had the chance to write it up! So today I have a set of diet products to share with you from the exante meal replacement diet. The basic idea of the total solution diet is that you have three of their products per day (each of which are 200 calories) for 4-6 weeks in order to help you lose that weight that simply doesn't seem to budge. 


A Stitch in Time

Now that I'm commuting into London daily, reading books on my ipad is so much easier (and cheaper!) that buying the paper copy. For the month of June I read A Stitch in Time, purely because it was featured as a free book in the ibook store, and while I wasn't too keen on some of the writing style I did still enjoy reading it.


Budapest Style

I didn't manage to get many photos of what I wore in Budapest, but as I did get a couple of photos of two of my outfits, I thought I would share them with you here! We walked everywhere when we were there, so my main concern was being comfortable and wearing shoes that wouldn't hurt my feet too much. In the above photo I have on my favourite Clarks t-bar heels, Bershka floral printed trousers, a black Primark t-shirt and my mum's denim jacket.