Taking a minute to love yourself

If there's one thing I've learnt from Parks and Rec, it's that everyone deserves a #TreatYoSelf day. 

Now, as a student, I can't exactly afford limo trips to Westfield or diamond encrusted manis but what I can afford is to take a day out every once in a while to just focus on feelng good about myself.

Too often I think we're almost encouraged to not feel self-confident, and to criticise those who are. Seriously, how many tweets and comments have you seen about other people's appearance, personality and success?!


A festive evening at #JewelleryBoxPop

On Saturday I was invted down to the JewelleryBox pop up store on Brick Lane for an evening of prosecco, jewellery and glitter tattoos. 

Scarlett organised the event with JewelleryBox, so I knew I was going to be in for a treat, and as well as checking out some of the new Christmassy jewellery in store, I had a really great time catching up with some of my blogger friends!


Cosy Winter Nights + Taking Blog Breaks

There's nothing better than a mug of green tea and a couple of Hobnobs!
Lets talk about taking blog breaks.

As some of you may have noticed, I've taken a couple of weeks off from my blog (something I really never thought I would do!)

Even when I've been on holiday or been really busy, I've always scheduled content for my blog, I've never actually taken a break from posting.


Natural Inspirations hair removal with Veet

Veet Natural Inspirations Hair Removal Cream* - £7.29
Veet Natural Inspirations Wax Strips* - £6.99

The weather's stayed unusually warm this Autumn and so I've been wrapping up way less than I expected to and, of course, with warmer weather comes more occasions for me to get my pins out! 


Go Double Dutch at Aubaine

There's nothing I love more than relaxing with a cocktail in hand after a particularly busy day, and as Thursday marked our first mock exam on the journalism course I was really excited to head down to Aubaine in Selfridges, Oxford Street to hear more about their collaboration with mixer makers Double Dutch.


Gelousy-A non-damaging peel off gel polish?!

Gelousy Peel Off Gel* 

I have a terrible habit of peeling my nail polish off as soon as I get any chips - I just can't stand having it chipped and so as soon as it does I have to get it off! Therefore, I was curious to try out the new Gelousy peel off gel kit to see if it would be less damaging to my nails than when I peel off my regular polishes.


Colour Excellence Hair Detox and Brightener

Colour Excellence Hair Detox and Highlights Brightener*-£7.99 each (here)

Any of you who have coloured your hair will know that maintaining the lovely shine you get just after dyeing it is near impossible! Luckily for us Colour Excellence has the perfect product for keeping your colour looking fresh.


Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep

Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep*-£26.50 (here)

Since I started a NCTJ course in September, I've been way busier than I could ever imagine. I've therefore had way less sleep recently than I usually have and am always on the look out for products that will give my skin that little extra lift it needs.


Lisa Angel Jewellery and Accessories

I'm not really an accessories person, but when I do wear them I like them to be pretty understated so I can mix and match them with the majority of my wardrobe. Some of my recent favourites are from Lisa Angel, so I thought I would put them all together in a quick post.


Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibtion

I was lucky enough to nab a couple of tickets to the Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition on Saturday evening (thanks Tilly!) and I'm so pleased I took the time to head down and take a guided tour. We had a very *ahem* charismatic tour guide which really helped to keep up the energy as we walked around.