Kerastase Haircare||The Perfect hair mask

Okay, so I think I've found the holy grail of hair masks. Never before has my hair looked so good and it's all thanks to the Kerastase Masque Oleo-Relax. As exams came to an end and my dissertation was finally handed in, I thought I would treat myself to a little haircare treat and in my eyes you can't get that much better than Kerastase. Yes, I winced a little bit as I entered my pin (It's £26.80 for just 200ml!!), but if you can't treat yourself for completing your degree, when can you?!


Ah honest fitness journey||Week one

It's been around a week since I wrote my first fitness post, and I'm quite excited to give my first update! As you can see from the photo above, I've definitely started to tone up around my tummy. I've started making small changes to the ways I exercise and eat, and I thought I would give a little roundup of my week below to highlight important parts of it.


The Bodycon Striped Dress

Okay so the weather's been very up and down recently (one minute it's blazing sunshine and the next it's tipping down with rain!) but I couldn't resist buying some new summer clothing and wearing it this week! This dress is actually from Primark and it's definitely one of my favourite new items in my wardrobe. It fits my body like and glove and the striped pattern goes perfectly with these platform red shoes. I'm thinking this could be a great little outfit for my visit to Budapest at the end of June.


Glossybox May 2015||First Impressions

As the weather's (finally) heating up a bit this month's Glossybox is themed 'summer's calling' and includes 5 products perfect for getting you summer ready. After being so impressed with last month's box (I now use the Astral cream included in April's box every night) I was excited to see what this month had in store for us and I most definitely was not left disappointed!


Is the beauty blogging community over-saturated?

For those of you who missed it, last night I hosted the BBloggers chat and we got into a really interesting discussion about the blogging community and how to stand out in a saturated market. Honestly, I was plesantly surprised by just how many people got involved and all the interesting and amazing points people brought up.  So today I thought I would share some of the chat highlights with you guys!


An honest fitness journey||The Beginning

I feel uncomfortable in my body. It's something that I've felt for quite a while and now that I've finished my degree and I'm starting a new chapter in my life, I think it's time to stop wishing and wondering about my perfect body and actually begin to take the steps to get it. I made a new year's resolution to work out twice a week and honestly, I just haven't been able to stick to it. My workload dramatically increased and when my dad had a heart attack a week before I submitted my dissertation, working out was seriously the last thing on my mind! Luckily, now that I've finished exams I've got a lot more time on my hands and I'm ready to really commit to getting fit and healthy again.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Periscope

Periscope is definitely the app to watch right now, if you're a blogger, journalist or really anyone who creates online media, I think it definitely has potential to be crucial to how you market yourself. I've been playing around with it myself for the past few days, so I thought now would be a good time to share with you exactly what it does and what I think of it so far!


Making Moisturiser with Trilogy

I can't quite believe it's taken me over a month to write up this blog post, finishing off uni has really taken over my life and I simply just forgot to write this one up! At the end of March I went to the Debenhams SS15 preview and there was a Trilogy counter there where we were given an opportunity to try making a moisturiser sample ourselves. I love learning about skincare, so I jumped at the chance to learn how they make their own moisturisers.


Bleak House

So I'm a little bit late with finishing this book, but as it's close to 1,400 pages long I'm not surprised it's taken me quite a while to get through it! I decided to set myself the challenge of Bleak House for April, and although I wasn't sure if it would be my type of book, I actually really enjoyed it. I decided to read this on my ipad and I have to say it was nice to have a change from having a real book, it was especially nice to be able to easily transport it with me everywhere.


A Face Full of Max Factor

After handing in my dissertation I thought I would treat myself to a few new beauty pieces, and as Max Factor had a 3 for 2 offer on, I ended up picking up a few bits from them! I've never really bought anything from Max Factor before but after trying out these pieces and loving them I'll definitely be picking up some more from them sometime soon!