The First Ever #YTChat

For nearly a year now I've been making weekly YouTube videos and one of the things I really disliked about YouTube was how closed off it seems.

There's barely any sort of community for small YouTubers so I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a twitter chat for all budding YouTubers!  It was quite a last minute decision to start the chat, so I had no idea whether or not it would be successful and on Monday night I was really nervous to see how it went.

Luckily, it was actually a lot better than I thought it would be and I could barely keep up with the tweets!  I can't wait for next weeks chat and I thought I would summarise this week's over here on my blog for anyone who missed it or is curious to see how it went.

So the topic was tips for promoting your channel.  Getting your channel out there is one of the hardest things about YouTube so I thought this would be a helpful place to start for most people.

Overall, I'm really pleased with how the first chat went, I met so many lovely girls who are also on YouTube and have now subscribed to most!  It's nice to watch people's videos who I feel I kind of know through meeting them on twitter :)

If you want to join in, the next chat is on Monday and the topic will be The Vlogging Process: From Film to Upload.


Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish

Revlon Nail Parfumerie, £6.49

As soon as I heard about these, I just had to add them to my collection!  The bottles of these remind me of tiny little perfume bottles and look so pretty sitting on top of my dressing table.  The three colours I went for are Italian Leather, Pink Pineapple and Moonlit Woods.  Since buying them I've worm them all and I have to say, there's quite a large difference between all three.  So instead of reviewing all three together, I'm gonna review them separately and tell you what I think of each colour and scent.

Moonlit Woods-Now this photo doesn't do it justice at all, on the nails it's a lot brighter and gives more of a foil effect than it seems in the photo.  This is my favourite out of the three, the colour is really pretty and unique and the scent is just amazing.  I wasn't sure what moonlit woods would smell like, but I think the scent they've gone for is perfect for it.  It's really similar to the Britney Spears perfumes which have a lovely sweet, mysterious smell to them!

Pink Pineapple-I really want to love this but I just can't.  It took 4 coats to get to the above photo, and even then the finish was still streaky.  I'm hoping if I use a base coat under it next time it'll give more of an opaque, even finish.  That said, the scent of this is just divine.  It smells exactly like fresh pineapple!

Italian Leather-Probably my least favourite of the bunch.  In the bottle it's a murky brown colour with streaks of gold through it, but on the nails it's just a dull grey brown.  The finish is definitely leather effect too, which I'm not really that keen on.  The scent......it's horrible.  It smells like really strong cleaning products, and I just couldn't stand it on my nails!


#YTChat starting TONIGHT 7PM!!

Just a quick notice to say I'm launching a brand new chat tonight and it's all about youtube!  I feel like there's a serious lack of community feel to youtube and making videos, so I wanted to create a chat for us all so we can get to know each other better and share tips and tricks.

I'm starting it off tonight at 7pm using #YTChat and the topic will be tips for promoting your channel.  Hopefully it'll help to create more of a sense of community and we'll all enjoy sharing tips and getting to know each other.  The time and day of the chat is subject to change, depending on what works best for everyone.  Please do also suggest topics for each week, if I could have a different person hosting each week I think that will work best!


Get Ready With Me: Radiant Orchid Inspired!!

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you're all having a lovely day eating far too much chocolate!!  This week I decided to be a little bit braver with my videos and film my getting ready process.  I went through my makeup routine and what I wore, I even did a little bit of a voice-over which was lots of fun to do!  If you enjoy this type of video please do let me know, next week I'm gonna film a video giving tips and tricks for combating dry skin. 

If there's any things you want me to film, or think I should film, let me know and I'll give it a go.