Couture Not War


I've been trying to incorporate more bright pops of colour into my wardrobe and I love how this look came together.  The bright turquoise and coral are surprisingly complimentary and work really well with these slouchy trousers and sheer top.


Boozi Bodycare-Helping Teetotalers Get Their Cocktail Fix!

I haven't had a drop of alcohol since late February, and if there's just one thing I miss about alcohol, it's cocktails.  Therefore I was thrilled to discover this little range of bath and body products inspired by some of the most popular cocktails.  I opted for the hand cream and shower gel in two of my favourite cocktail flavours-Woo Woo and Pina Colada.  

Their Woo Woo shower gel* is a sweet and fruity combination of cranberries and peaches.  I've used this a couple of times now and it's so lovely.  The fragrance is actually a lot subtler than I thought, but I'm pleased it is, otherwise it would just be too sickly sweet!

The Pina Colada hand cream* is just amazing.  I love the mix of coconut and pineapple and when I put it on, I can't stop smelling my hands!  The cream itself is lovely and moisturising and sinks in really quickly.  The sturdy packaging also makes it perfect for just chucking in your bag.


Mini April Beauty Haul

Alohaa, so I have a cheeky little beauty haul on my channel this week.  I've treated myself to a few new bits and bobs, mainly because there's been some pretty amazing things released these past couple of weeks.  I hope you guys enjoy watching this video, if you do, don't forget to subscribe to my channel!


My New Love||Wax Tarts

I've always been curious about wax tarts, but as I din't have an oil burner, or any tea lights, I never pursued my interest.  Luckily, I was recently contacted by an online candle retailer and asked if I wanted to review some of the many candles on their site.  As I've had many candles before, I thought I would pursue my interest in wax tarts and treat myself to my first ever oil burner* and a large variation of wax tarts*.

The oil burner* I opted for is a lovely deep stone grey colour, and looks a bit like a mini bee's hive!  I think this looks really pretty on my desk, and I way prefer it to having a large candle jar on my desk (which takes up so much space!).

All of the wax tarts I picked up smell gorgeous, with my favourites being warm amber* and strawberry chocolate*.  Each wax tart burns for around 8 hours before the scent fades, which means you can switch around fragrances way faster than with candles.  As I'm someone who gets bored easily, being able to change scents every couple of days is fab!

I've definitely got the wax tart bug, and at around £1 per tart, it's all too easy to buy a ton of them!