Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil

Benefit Goof Proof

A goof proof brow pencil

If ever there’s been a wonder product I need, it’s an eyebrow pencil I can easily use without my eyebrows resembling two ultra-defined slugs.

I naturally have dark, thick brows, but they can be a bit patchy so I’ve been dying to find a brow pencil I can use that subtly fills in the gaps.

When I saw one of the new Benefit brow products was going to be free in the July issue of Elle I snapped one up and immediately put it to the test.

shade two benefit goof proof

The perfect shade

Annoyingly, the plastic cover of the magazine was matte, meaning it was a bit of pot luck that the shade I got actually matched my brows fairly well.

I really wish the packaging had been clear as it would be good to pick up a few copies with the right shade in for me.

The shade I have is number two. I have no clue where this is in relation to the shade range they have but it blends with my brow colour really well.


Pretty packaging

I love the packaging of the new brow range (we’ll be waiting until the end of June for the rest of it I believe), the silver packaging looks really sleek and I like that this is a thin, small pencil as it makes it really easy to take out and about with me.

The plastic packaging of this does feel slightly cheap, and I’m wondering if the real product will feel the same or a bit more expensive (I often find magazine freebies feel a bit cheaper than the original product).

benefit goof proof eyebrow swatch

Benefit’s Goof Proof in action

As you can see, the effect really is subtle and just give those patchy areas a bit of colour where they need it.

I’m really impressed with this pencil and I’ll be using it until it runs out then definitely buying myself a new one!