Boohoo Festival Lounge

Boohoo festival lounge clothing rail Boohoo festival outfit sequins

Boohoo festival-wear

Can we just have a moment for the outfit above please? It’s just….It’s what I’m wearing in my magical festival dreams.

Boohoo have hit the nail on the head when it comes to their festival clothing – every item is a statement piece and it’s all so colourful, glittery and eye-catching I wish I could wear it every day into the office (although I’m sure I would get some dodgy looks if I did…)

Holographic, tie-dye, sequins, they have you covered and I really wish I was heading off to a festival soon so I could justify buying some of these beauties.

Go Get Glitter stand Boohoo festival Go Get Glitter silver face

Go Get Glitter

I LOVE GLITTER. Especially on my face. So, of course I had to get some silver and blue sparkles dusted around my eye.

I also got my hair braided by the lovely The Braid Bar and I really wish I could do it myself, it looks amazing.

I was on my way to a Coachella themed party after the Boohoo event and the braids and glitter definitely helped me to look the part, even if I was still in a shirt and jeans from work…

Go Get Glitter blue silver

The Henna Den demonstration The Henna Den DippyWrites

The Henna Den

Also on hand at the event were The Henna Den who did this gorgeous henna design for me.

Unfortunately, it is now slowly fading from my right hand, so I’m tempted to pop in and get another one done i nthe next few weeks.

I really enjoyed the hour I spent at the Boohoo festival lounge and it definitely got me in the mood for my time in Malta and the Coachella party I attended straight after (where I danced my heart and soul away to Drake and Rihanna…)

Now to purchase some glitter to apply to my faceĀ for all my upcoming blogger events this summer….

Boohoo festival sunglasses collection