IMATS – Am I over it?

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IMATS London 2016

I haven’t been to IMATS for years, I think the last time I went was three years ago, just six months after starting this blog you’re reading right now!

I’ve been longing to go back, but could never justify the price so when I managed to get a press pass to cover it for Blogosphere magazine, I couldn’t wait to head down.

I was meaning to go on Saturday, but unfortunately was ill so gave myself a day to rest and visited on Sunday morning instead.

IMATS temporary tattoo demonstration

The atmosphere

One thing I absolutely loved last time I was at IMATS was the buzzing atmosphere but when I arrived on Sunday it seemed to be…lacking.

Maybe it’s because I went on a Saturday last time, maybe it’s because I went in the morning but it just felt flat to me and I left after being there for just 45 minutes.

Last time I went we had to queue for half an hour to get in but this time there was barely anyone at the door. It was nice that it was a bit less stressful than last time but I was disappointed not to get the same rush of excitement I previously had.

IMATS has been popular with beauty bloggers for years and maybe I enjoyed it so much last time because I was still fairly new to the community last time I went so every event was exciting.

But still I didn’t see any other beauty bloggers there as I walked around. Three years ago the likes of FleurDeForce and SprinkleOfGlitter were wondering around and giving talks but they were noticeably absent, along with the atmosphere.

lipstick colour wheel testers IMATS hair plait demonstration

Beauty bargains

The other aspect of IMATS I was excited about were the amazing deals that are typically on.

Again, these just felt lacking to me! Urban Decay was selling at full price unless you had a pro card and many places only had 10-20% discount.

The NYX stand didn’t have a queue which, seeing as it’s normally packed, was really surprising.

I ended up buying a Lancome mascara with a 20% discount and heading off on my way, nothing else grabbed my attention or convinced me to part with my money, sadly.

cream eyeshadow palette IMATS neon makeup demonstration IMATS

Unfortunately, I really can’t see myself coming again.

I think it might just have lost it’s magic and with the Olympia beauty show in October it doesn’t have the edge it used to.

I would love to know if any of you went this year or in previous years and what your thoughts are, share them below in the comments!