Mermaid hair and lace detailing

mermaid hair turquoise braids

Mermaid blue hair

I can’t quite believe this is my actual hair – I’ve been wanting to dye it blue for months, MONTHS, now!

As you can see, the roots are a dark purple which then blends into a multitude of blue tones, from turquoise to bright cobalt blue.

If you want a blog post about how my hairdresser did this, please do let me know and I’ll give it a go.

Black lace detail dress looking down

Lace detail H&M dress

I picked this up in the sales a while back and just haven’t got round to wearing it.

I really love the lace detail at the top of the dress and as you can see, the whole back is lace, so you have to wear a pretty bra with this.

This is my go-to ‘event dress’ for when I have no clue what to wear but want to look put together.

I typically pair it with these ankle boots and whatever bag I have on the go.

black dress holding braids black dress side walking Primark tassel bag

Tassel Primark bag

I’ve had quite a few compliments on this bag and it’s actually from Primark!

I got it for an amazing £7 and it’s the perfect size for a day trip out. It looks slightly navy in these photos but is black in real life, which means it goes with everything.

I’m sure I’ll be using this a lot over summer – I’m going to take it on holiday with me to use in the evenings when we go out in Valetta (I’m heading to Malta in late June!)

black hm dress lace detail

Dippy Writes mermaid braids mermaid braids Dippy Writes

Colourpop eyeshadow in So Quiche

I’ve fallen out of love recently with eyeshadow but this pretty shimmery shade from Colourpop is just gorgeous and looks so lovely on its own I’ve been wearing it a lot.

I usually just pack it onto my lid then smoke it out and blend a bit along my lower lash line – it takes hardly any time and makes me feel a lot more put together than when I go without.

black lace detail dress side

walking forwards black dress