Colourpop metallic lipsticks

Colourpop ultra metallic lip packaging

Colourpop metallic lipsticks

Attempting to get my hands on these lipsticks has been, quite frankly, a NIGHTMARE.

My interest in metallic lipsticks was first piqued by the unavoidable Kylie Jenner and after seeing swatches of some of her lip kits I was determined to test out some metallic lip products for myself.

I noticed that Colourpop, one of my favourite beauty brands, began stocking metallic lip colours in early summer but every time I checked the website they were sold out.

I was getting newsletters from them letting me know they were back in stock, but every time I went on the website they were gone *sob*

A month or so ago I was watching their Instagram Story and saw they were adding some new metallic shades to their range and that they were available to buy RIGHT NOW. Of course, I assumed they were already sold out, but went onto the website to check out the new shades.


I made a hasty order and, in between excitedly sending my friend screenshots and barely legible texts, patiently waited for them to arrive.

Colourpop metallic lips shade names

Delivery process

I was told my order would come in 2-4 weeks (I KNOW) but luckily they arrived in around a week and a half which was a lovely surprise!

What was not such a lovely surprise was the customs charge slapped on top of the delivery cost ($25, which did make me cry a bit).

My customs charge was around £12, not too bad, but still not something I was that overjoyed about paying.

These lipsticks are $6 each, but with the added delivery cost and customs charge they came to around $12 each.

While this is a lot more than I would have paid if I was US-based, I really don’t think it’s that bad for the quality of the lipsticks and I would happily pay it again.

My advice with Colourpop orders, if you’re UK-based like me, would be to order in bulk, that was the delivery costs is much lower per item, making it much more worth the hassle.

Colourpop ultra metallic lips lineup Colourpop metallic lipsticks collection


So, I bought five…most definitely did not need five metallic lip products but hey, I decided to treat myself.

The five shades I have (from top to bottom in the above photo) are: Man Eater, Zebra, 3-Way, Kween and Mug Shot.

I have worn Man Eater, Zebra and Mugshot since buying them and they look amazing on!

I love all the shades I bought, and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of each one.

Kween has a lot of gold glitter in it and 3-Way is a deep purple, so I think I’ll be leaning more towards these as the weather gets colder.

Colourpop ultra metallic lips swatches

L-R: Mug Shot, Kween, 3-Way, Zebra, Man Eater

Colourpop metallic lips swatches waterproof


As you can see in the first photo, one swipe of product gives quite a lot of pigment with these!

I also love how wearable the colours are – yes, they are metallic, but it’s fairly subtle.

These dry down to a waterproof finish, and as you can see in the last photo, when I ran my arm under the tap and tried to wipe them off the colour doesn’t budge.

Of course, it moved (I mean, I did try and wipe it off and it’s not friction-proof) but the colour stayed which means these babies are pretty resilient.

I’ve worn these on nights out, to evening events and for a full day in the office and honestly, I’ve only needed to give them the lightest of touch ups.

I had high expectations with these products and they have definitely delivered – can’t wait to make my next order!

The only criticism I have is about the wands of each product. Some of them were perfect, but a couple were a bit frayed or sparse, which meant they didn’t pick up the product as well as they could have.

When I opened them I was worried this would be a big problem when applying, but to be honest I’ve managed to use them all fine despite this. 

  • I really like the shades that you’ve picked, they do look surprisingly wearable!!

    Neelam | x

    • DippyWrites

      They really are, I was worried they would be too metallic but they’re so gorgeous 🙂

  • I haven’t tried these yet! The last time I ordered from ColourPop, they were all sold out of their metallics. I so need to try a few shades! Great review 🙂

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

  • I am not too keen about metallic’s but colorpop’s pigmentation game is so strong. I LUV their mattes so much though. It’s hard to get them in Pakistan but there are some sellers who get them from US and at the end of the day they’re absolutely worth all the effort

    Noor | Noor’s Place