My current reading list

September reading list

September reading

Last year I read a book a month, which doesn’t sound that hard but gets quite difficult when you’re studying, working and writing a blog!

This year I’ve really let my reading slip – I’m pretty sure I haven’t picked up an actual book in nearly a year – so I’m going to use this month to try and get myself back on track.

I’ve got a selection of magazines and books that I’m working my way through this month and I thought I would share some of my favourites with you today.

water for elephants reading list

Water for elephants – Sara Gruen

I remember when this film came out, but luckily I haven’t got round to seeing it yet so I’m reading the book with fresh eyes.

So far I’m really enjoying it and I find myself racing through it on my morning commute.

When I was younger I always loved the idea of joining a circus – I was certain I would make a fantastic trapeze artist – so reading about Jacob’s experience working with the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show is like reliving my childhood dreams.

I can’t wait to finish this and finally watch the movie now, I can imagine what it will be like so vividly!

suitcase volume 16

Suitcase – volume 16

Suitcase is what I reach for when I want to be transported thousands of miles away.

It’s a beautifully made magazine and this volume covers Palm Springs, Seville, Taipei, Tbilisi, Texas and Tibet.

oh comely issue 32

Oh Comely – issue 32

I came across Oh Comely a few months ago and now I’m completely obsessed!

Issue 32 was themed around letters and I really enjoyed reading it. Each issue is always full of so many well thought out features and the photography is gorgeous.

Marie Claire october 2016

Marie Claire – October 2016

I have a subscription to Marie Claire (thank you Imogen!) and this month it’s BRITNEY BITCH.

I love Britney, so I can’t wait to read her interview and I’m sure I’ll find lots of autumn fashion inspiration within this issue.

Marie Claire is the only monthly magazine I bother reading now, and I really enjoy flicking through the photoshoots and diving into the features.