Hello Autumn

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Yes. It’s finally here.

So I may have spent the past week or so whining about the never-ending heat and serious lack of chilly weather but I do have to admit I wasn’t exactly over-the-moon when I woke up on Friday to torrential rain…

That said, the downpour did bring with it a drop in temperature, which I am SO HAPPY about! I’ve been itching to delve into my autumn wardrobe for a couple of weeks now and, at last, I finally can.

I’ve got quite a few new pieces to share with you, and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the deep colours, thicker layers and moody makeup just as much as I do over the next few months!

navy blue hair close up

Metallic lipstick beauty shot

Hair and makeup updates

You may have noticed my hair’s been  a turquoisey-green colour over summer, but for autumn I’m bringing it back to a true blue shade.

I’m hoping to get it a bit darker than this over the next few months but finding dark blue hair dye is surprisingly tricky, so bear with me on that one!

I bought a few metallic lipsticks from Colourpop last month and I’ll be putting them into use a lot more over the next few months.

I’m wearing Zebra in these photos and the true bronze colour is so pretty, it goes perfectly with a smudge of neutral eyeshadows and a flick of black liner.

M&Co autumn sleeveless coat outfit Side shot sleeveless coat autumn

The sleeveless coat

I’ve actually never owned a sleeveless coat before, but when I spotted this one at the M&Co press day I couldn’t let it go.

I would normally go for a size 8, but this one is a size 10 and I actually think the extra bit of room is going to be perfect for when I want to layer up t-shirts and jumpers.

As it’s black, I’m sure it’s going to work with 99% of my wardrobe and it’s going to be an autumn wardrobe staple for me.

H&M fit and flare dress full autumn outfit shot

The cheap as chips dress

You may not be aware, but I’m a bit of a bargain hunter.

I’ve been known to find a seriously amazing deal in the sales and if I recall correctly this dress cost me just £5 in a recent H&M sale.

The material is thin, so when I get a gust of wind while walking through tube stations, it can be quite revealing but as long as I wear a coat over it, I’m good!

The 1/2 length sleeves look great with my sleeveless coat over the top and the cut of the dress is really flattering on my shape.

Kurt Geiger blue velvet boots Kurt Geiger side shot velvet boots

The statement boots

Yes, these are real. And yes, they do belong to me.

These Kurt Geiger beauties are a dream and the dark blue velvet compliments my hair perfectly!

I’m going to be saving these for special occasions over the next few months, if I’m honest, I’m terrified of damaging them.

I have a few parties coming up so I think I’ll be rocking these for them.

Outfit details

Dress – H&M

Coat – M&Co*

Boots – Kurt Geiger*

  • The whole outfit is lovely but those boots though, they are stunning! Please may I steal them? Haha. Great outfit, you look beautiful!

    Ella xx

    • DippyWrites

      Thanks! Haha, I just know I’m going to mark them at some point and I’ll be devastated!

  • This is such a beautiful outfit – that dress is gorgeous! 🙂 xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    • DippyWrites

      Thanks so much, glad you like the dress 🙂