Return of the body mists…

So...? Fragrance body mist collection

So…? Fragrances

I, as I’m sure many of you do, associate So…? Fragrances with my first experiences of dabbling with perfume and fragrance. I’m pretty sure I used to religiously buy cans of their body mists, spraying every inch of my body with them before heading out to the school disco.

As I’ve grown up, I’ve moved away from using body mists and more into ‘real’ perfume. It’s easy to dismiss body mists* as a little bit, well, junior but over the past couple of months I’ve been slowly introducing them back into my fragrance wardrobe…and I love them!

I use body mists for so many different things, moods and events now, I thought I would share some of them with you in this blog post.

So...? Fragrance floral body mist scents

White Petals – This is what I call my ‘everyday, one minute until I have to dash out the door’ fragrance. It’s a pretty, subtle, floral scent that makes me feel just that little bit fresher when I leave the house for work or to meet up with friends.

Fresh Musk – THIS IS THE SCENT OF MY TWEEN YEARS. I like to use this as a fabric and linen spray and find spritzing it on clothes that probably *ahem* need to have a wash really helps to quickly freshen them up.

Floriental – Similar to White Petals, I like to wear this as an ‘everyday’ fragrance and I find the scent is nice and subtle. I also like to spritz this on my clothes and bedding for a quick hit of floral scent.

So...? Fragrance body mists fruity scents

Vanilla Milkshake – I find this warm vanilla scent really comforting and one of my favourite things to do is to spritz it on my pjs and bedding before settling down to read a book and drift off to sleep.

Fruity – This just smells like sweets to me, so I like to use it as a room spray more than a body fragrance. I’m pretty sure I would have worn it to death as a 12-year-old though!

Watermelon – True to the name, this reminds me of fizzy watermelon sweets and I like to spritz it in my room for a little pick-me-up.

*PR Samples