SASSY Cidre launch party

sassy cidre packaging


A few weeks ago I was invited to an intimate event in London to celebrate the launch of SASSY Cidre.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect (I’ve been to quite a few beauty and fashion events before, but never a drinks launch) so I brought one of my friends with me for company.

SASSY Cidre is an 100% natural cider and the launch was for three flavours – Original, Poire and Rose.

I love sipping on an ice cold cider during summer, so I was excited to try out their flavours and see what I thought of the brand.

lights of soho busy wall

lights of soho second wall

Lights of Soho

The event was hosted at Lights of Soho, an art gallery I’ve been meaning to pay a visit in the past couple of months.

Decked out in an impressive amount of neon lights, it was impossible not to take photos of the decor and I think it made the perfect setting for a launch party.

There were seats dotted around the venue, so my friend and I grabbed ourselves a cider (rose for me, original for him) and settled down for a good old catchup chat.

sassy cidre launch menu

sassy cidre tray serving

The cider…

As well as the bottles of cider, there were also a couple of cocktails on offer during the event.

Unfortunatley, I didn’t manage to try one of these as after a 10-15 minute wait to be served at the bar I just gave up and grabbed a bottle of cider instead!

It’s a shame the bar staff were a bit slow and unattentive to the people waiting at the bar, but I was happy to just sample the cider as it was.

I really love these bottles, I think they’re seriously pretty and definitely attract me to their product over other ciders that are on the market.

I tried the rose flavour and really liked the sweet flavour of it. The original was slightly more tart, which my friend preferred so it seemed we chose our drinks well!

sassy cidre launch menu on table

I really enjoyed the launch of SASSY Cidre, it was nice to go to a slightly different event and hear more about their brand!

Photos courtesy of SASSY Cidre

  • Claire Cavanagh

    Love the sound of this 🙂 I’m a big cider fan and it’s nice that these bottles look pretty too, haha!

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

    • DippyWrites

      Yep me too, pretty bottles do make a difference!