5 kickass resolutions for the new year

New Year resolutions

Every year I make myself resolutions and every year I fail them!

Maybe I’m just a bit too ambitious with what I want to achieve, so this year I’ve decided to make my targets less specific to certain tasks and more about making decisions that make me feel good and enjoy life just that little bit more.

My general aim for this year is to kick butt – I really want to focus on working hard towards my goals, appreciating what I do have and minimising the amount of guilt, regret and FOMO I feel (all pretty good aims I think!)

So without further ado here are my 5 kickass resolutions for the new year…

Be selfish

Typically, I will always put other people before myself. Whether that’s holding back on eating the last chunk of chocolate or agreeing to plans I’m not really feeling, I would rather keep the peace than stick up for what I truly want to do.

But that is all changing this year!

Doing what I want almost feels like a guilty pleasure to me, but I’m going to make an effort to do it more. What’s the point in forcing myself to go out when in reality I really don’t want to? Sometimes I think I push myself to please everyone and do everything, and when I do that my own happiness definitely suffers.

So this year I’m going to listen to my inner voice a little bit more and follow what it says rather than what other people want.

Say ‘no’

Oh boy is this something I need to learn to do more. When it comes to plans with friends and blogging opportunities, I just can’t seem to say ‘no’!

I think this comes from a fear of missing out, and scrolling through Snapchat and Instagram Stories definitely do NOT help…

I’ve had to cancel a few things fairly last minute in 2016, because I felt burnt out or double booked myself, so in 2017 I’m going to make sure I stop and consider each offer carefully.

I’m going to start with a default answer of ‘no’ and then work from there, only accepting offers that I’m truly excited about.

Engage more

Since starting a new job in March, I’ve really struggled to stay engaged online, especially on social media. When I began my blog three years ago I would spend hours commenting on people’s blogs, YouTube videos, joining twitter chats and commenting on Instagram posts.

I really want to get back into doing that.

I miss being so active online, especially when it comes to letting other people know I enjoy their work. A blog comment really brightens my day, so I want to go back to sharing the love.

I’m going to make sure I’m active on social media/blogs at least once a day next year – commenting on and ‘liking’ what I enjoy.

No regrets

Or should that be no ragrets?!

One of my main problems is that I spend a lot of time worrying. And when I say a lot of time, I seriously mean it.

I really want to make an effort to reduce the amount of regret I feel about choices I make, whether that’s through making better choices or letting go of the not so great ones as quickly as I can.

Regret is a horrible thing to feel, so I would really like to reduce that this year in whatever way possible.

Ban stress

Ok so this may seem a little bit impossible, but hear me out!

Similar to regret, stress is something I find myself holding onto way longer than I should and I really want to try and reduce it this year.

I often try to battle my way through stress (bit of friendly advice, that is the worst thing to attempt, do not do it) and never really pause to try and reduce it before moving onto the next big thing.

I struggle to relax and unwind, so this year I want to give myself a bit of ‘stress detox’ time and take time out to recover when I’m feeling a bit under it.

So those are my 2017 resolutions! I hope you have all enjoyed reading about them, please do share your own below, I would love to know what they are.


  • This is a really good list – so smart and achievable and insightful. Love the be selfish goal especially; society is a whole seriously underestimates how important it is for women to put themselves first when necessary (and when there’s no reason not to!). If you ever wanna chat about your goals or need encouragement hit me up! This is kind of my advice wheelhouse, haha.

    • DippyWrites

      Thanks so much 🙂

  • I love this list… I definitely want to engage more too next year, I feel like when I’m working, it goes on the back burner! I love the no stressing one too … I know people who actually schedule in a diary time to relax and de-stress! Jess x

    • DippyWrites

      I really need to schedule it into my diary too, I think it would help!