Introducing: Blogosphere issue 11

Blogosphere issue 11 front cover

Blogosphere issue 11

It’s that time again…issue 11 of Blogosphere is finally here!

We’ve worked so hard on this issue, it feels really weird to finally be releasing it into the world.

The December issue has the amazing/beautiful/inspiring Zoella on the cover, and I was lucky enough to meet her when we shot the cover way back in September (it’s been agonising keeping that under wraps)!

The issue includes such a huge range of talented bloggers, as well as some useful features and tips.

I don’t want to spoil too much of the content, so I’m only going to be sharing the feature I wrote and the events supplement in this blog post.

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An ‘amateur’ profession

One of the great things about working at Blogosphere is being able to write features for the magazine, and this is one I’m really pleased I had the chance to get published!

I’ve seen bloggers dismissed as amateurs on SO many occasions and it really gets to me, ¬†especially when I know how much hard work goes into running a successful blog and social media channels.

In this feature I explored why it is that bloggers are perceived in that way and what we might be able to do to change it.

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Events supplement

I love putting together the events supplement for Blogosphere, it means I get to attend quite a few blogger events and then share them within the magazine as well as on my blog.

I’m really pleased with how the events supplement came together for this issue, it’s a mix of press events, local blogger meetups, award ceremonies and our own events.

Working on issue 11 has certainly been a journey, but I’m already looking forward to starting work on issue 12, stay tuned for the launch of that in March!

Want to treat yourself to a copy? You can buy one here.