Party Style: Be Sexy


Be Sexy

Hands up if you’ve ever felt like you can’t wear something out because it’s too much, too revealing, too sexy.

I’ve always been made to feel like I shouldn’t put too much of my body on display, but as I’ve got older I’ve paid less and less attention to what people think of me and more attention to how I feel and what I enjoy doing.

I love this outfit. Yes, both my legs and boobs are on show, but I think it works and I feel amazingly confident whenever I wear this.

img_1434 img_1431

Velvet dress, pleather jacket

Velvet is such a huge trend right now, I couldn’t resist getting involved and wearing some myself.

The bodycon design and cut of this dress is really flattering on me, the v-neck, rather than a scoop one, is much more flattering on my chest and the dress is short, but not so short that I need to wear something underneath it.

I decided to throw a pleather jacket over the top of this. The studs make it a lot more interesting than a standard black jacket and the cropped fit means it’s really flattering worn over the top of this dress.

be sexy party style boohoo

The detailed choker

This is probably my favourite piece of jewellery right now! I love the blush shade of the velvet choker and the two thin chains with jewels at the end of each are really pretty.

I wear this either as it is or tied in the middle. For this outfit I decided to leave it as it is, which I think is a more flattering way to wear it with this style of dress.

If I was going to wear it with a t-shirt I would probably tie it to make it a bit more interesting.



Dress – H&M

Jacket – Topshop

Necklace – Johnny Loves Rosie* (here)

Heels – Dune

*PR Samples