You are what you wear

Personality dressing

Yes, yes, we’ve all heard that well-known saying you are what you eat, but recently I’ve switched it up to be all about what I’m wearing.

Sure, the food you eat can impact the way your body and face appear, but the physical things you’re born with (well, at least in my case) are such a tiny proportion of what makes you ‘you’. There’s so many more layers there, with arguably the most obvious and visible being what you wear.

Humans have been dressing themselves for centuries, CENTURIES, and the clothes we pick each morning are such a huge reflection of not only our personalities but how we are feeling that day.

Therefore, I like to challenge myself every so often when it comes to my clothing choices to see if I can pull different aspects of my personality out or positively alter my mood for that day.

Teasing out that feminine side

When you’re dressing yourself, day in, day out, it’s easy to get stuck in a ‘style rut’ and repeatedly wear the clothes that you’re most comfortable in. Your ‘uniform’, I guess.

The people who know me well know exactly what my ‘uniform’ is. It’s something practical and stylish that says ‘I know who I am and where I’m going’

I love power dressing – putting on a killer bodycon dress or some kickass boots really does make me walk just that bit taller – but sometimes I do think it would be good to embrace my softer side (it may be buried deep, deep, down but I promise it does exist!).

I spend all my time rushing around, trying to jump from achievement to achievement as quickly as possible, so I often don’t allow myself time to stop and appreciate all that I have already achieved.

Sometimes it’s nice to soften my approach to life and take some time to appreciate what I do have, and I find dressing in a more feminine way really helps to encourage this.

It may sound strange, but when I wear pretty dresses like this one, I truly do find myself walking slower (rather than my usual hurried stomping), taking time to notice and appreciate things and being gentler in my approach to other people (I do have the tendency to talk at 100mph, gasping for breath at the end of every sentence otherwise!)

I guess you could call it the ‘Princess effect’ because everytime I think I’m dressed like one, I’m pretty sure I start acting like one too!

The right dress for the right occasion

So how can this translate for you?

I guess it all depends on how you want to feel when you enter a room. Do you want to feel powerful? Confident? Sexy? Elegant? Creative? Focused?

This is the dress I wear when I want to feel pretty. When I want to float, rather than strut. And when I want to smile, rather than pout (or fall back on my extremely off-putting resting bitch face).

Nine times out of ten, I’m dressing in a way that makes me feel confident and powerful. I guess that’s because that’s the way I want other people to see me – as someone who knows who they are and isn’t ashamed of it.

But, that’s not always who I am, so I’ll be saving this dress for those moments when I want to feel different and have a break from the power dressing.

I feel like I have rambled ON in this post…so apologies for that but I hope you can take something away from it.

You are what you wear, so choose wisely

Dress – Chi Chi* (here)

Heels – Dune

Jewellery –* (here and here)

*PR Samples

  • Chris Gimenez

    Nice, I get stuck in the uniform of it. I think that happens in life as well. Great article

    • DippyWrites

      Thanks so much 🙂