Disney princess hair from SHOW Dry

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Disney princess hair

*Record scratch*

*Freeze frame*

Yep, that’s my hair. You’re probably wondering how I ended up with such beautiful curls, well let me tell you…

When my Whatsapp pinged with a message from Freya, asking if I wanted to go for a blow dry with her on Sunday a couple of days ago, I jumped at the chance to have my hair styled to perfection.

I’ve got more and more into blow drys recently, a dangerous thing when you consider how rubbish I am at doing them myself and how expensive regular salon trips can be.

That said, my experience at the SHOW salon in Notting Hill was truly amazing and as it’s so close to where we live, I am tempted to pop in again soon for their signature blow dry*.

The signature blow dry

Now, you’re probably wondering what exactly the signature blow dry includes. Well, let me tell you!

When I first arrived at the salon, I was immediately impressed with the decor, which makes the whole experience feel extra luxurious. There are fresh roses on the desk, which looked and smelt gorgeous, and a wall full of SHOW products which were extremely tempting while we waited for our blow drys to begin…

We started with a consultation with our hairdressers, where we discussed each of our hair types and how we would like our hair styled, before heading downstairs to have our hair washed. We each had a moisture mask applied to our hair, and in the 15 minutes it took to soak into our hair we had a quick catch up on work and life.

After our hair was washed we went back upstairs to have our hair styled. I had the treatment oil and curl enhancing lotion applied to my hair, which really helped to tame the frizz and keep my curls defined.

Perks at SHOW dry

You know what makes the difference between a good and a great blow dry experience? The perks the salon provides, of course!

SHOW dry have a really amazing snack and drinks menu for you to choose from while your blow dry is being completed and I couldn’t resist treating myself to a glass of bubbles and some caramel popcorn. Freya opted for the macarons, which also looked amazing.

There are also personal iPads at every station in the salon, meaning you can flick through the latest copy of Grazia, Vogue, Elle…whichever magazine takes your fancy! I had a browse of Grazia and really enjoyed how easy it was to read on the iPad, rather than in a print copy (many of which are often worn and battered in salons due to the fact that lots of people leaf through them)!

The finished result

After a speedy blow dry, here we have the finished result!

I’m really pleased with the way my hair was styled, and the overall service I had at the salon.

For just £35 per signature blow dry, you really can’t go wrong. I think I may book in for the next Blogosphere cover reveal…

*Complimentary treatment

  • Love the decor in the salon, it looks gorgeous! So does your hair <3 x
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

    • DippyWrites

      It’s one of my favourite salons, definitely need to book a signature blow dry their again soon!

  • DippyWrites

    Ahhh thanks! We need to do it more often