January in review – Wellbeing month

january review wellbeing month

wellbeing month welcome

This month in review

Well, it certainly feels like this month has FLOWN by! When I first decided to give my blog monthly themes, I wasn’t sure how I would get on with it, or if I would even enjoy it, but I have to admit that I am happy I decided to do something different, my content has definitely improved and feels more authentic to me.

January’s theme was Wellbeing, so I thought I would take time in this post to do three things: share my five favourite photos, five things I’ve learnt and five blog posts I’ve enjoyed reading across the blogosphere.

I’m planning to keep this format for each monthly review I do throughout 2017, but if you have any suggestions for how to improve on it please do let me know.

Five photos

clothes make me feel good coffee

Brunch at Cote! I just love the bright blues in this photo and the way it was cropped too.

I’ve been playing with the settings on my camera a lot this month, focusing on the aperture, and I’m really pleased with the effect I got for this photo.

marie claire flatlay cosy night in

Had to include a cheeky flatlay DIDN’T I?! I love the way this shot turned out, especially as taking it was a very last minute decision as the sun quickly disappeared behind the buildings.

This is going to sound very vain, but I really like this photo of me! Love the natural makeup I went for, I think it really enhances my features without looking too heavy.

ALL OF THE CAKE. Again, I love the blur I got in this photo, it’s just perfection.

Five things

  • It’s good to talk openly and candidly on my blog, and I should do it more often
  • Working out three times a week really helps to keep my mind active and my body healthy
  • Never feel guilty about enjoying good food, it’s worth it for the happiness it brings
  • Do more things alone, and stop over-thinking about the ways people might judge you for it
  • Being selfish isn’t a bad thing, especially if it makes you feel good

Five blogs

  • I was really impressed with how raw and honest this blog post was from Steph, I recommend you give it a read
  • I think it’s really important we all have a social media break at least once, I loved Nicole’s blog post on her week away from social media
  • As I mentioned above, I love having time to do things alone, so this blog post from Soph really spoke to me
  • Sometimes my skin just needs a little boost in the winter months, these recommendations from Laura are fab
  • I’m really into ‘natural beauty’ right now, so these makeup products were immediately added to my must buy list after reading about them on Heather’s blog

So, that’s it for this month! I hope you’ve enjoyed my round-up an the Wellbeing content I’ve shared throughout the month.

Now, I guess it’s time to introduce next month’s theme…Love!

I’m looking forward to creating lots of romance/dating/relationships content, and I hope you’re excited for it too. I’ll put a post up this week with more details about what to expect, so stay tuned for that…

  • I LOVED this blog post!! I love how positive it was and the idea of reviewing each month is just genius! I can’t wait to read more of these <3
    Kinga xx

    • DippyWrites

      Ahh thanks 🙂 I’m really enjoying writing them!