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MINU sulphate free haircare

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Going sulphate-free

I’ve dabbled in sulphate-free haircare a couple of times in the past and every time I have it’s left my hair in a much better condition than before.

If you’re not aware of the benefits of going sulphate free, in summary products with sulphates in (specifically sodium lauryl sulphate) strip your hair of its natural oils which can leave it feeling dry and even strip away pigment from hair dyes.

My hair is naturally quite thick and curly, so using sulphate-free haircare really helps to lock moisture in and keep it in great condition. Therefore, I’m going to once again make more of an effort to go sulphate-free, especially as I’m really focused on wellbeing this month!

I was recently sent this set of MINU haircare products*, and I was really excited to see that they were sulphate and paraben free, perfect for my unruly hair.

MINU shampoo conditioner products

Shampoo and conditioner

This shampoo is probably one of my favourites that I’ve tried. It has that ‘salon’ smell which makes it feel really luxurious and the bottle is the perfect size for travelling (I popped it in my suitcase for a week in Germany and it travelled surprisingly well)!

It leaves my hair feeling really clean without stripping my hair, and when used with the conditioner I’m left with lovely soft curls once my hair is dry.

Now, the conditioner really isn’t the most practical thing, the packaging means that once it’s opened you really can’t take it anywhere. The lid is very flimsy and even though I cling filmed it, I still ended up with a mini conditioner explosion in my suitcase…

That said, the conditioner itself is lovely and is great at de-tangling my hair and softening it. I’ll definitely use it up but I probably won’t repurchase it due to the tricky packaging.

MINU hair mask pot

Hair mask

I use this once a week, when my hair needs just that little extra boost of moisture. Again, the packaging is the same as that for the conditioner which makes it a little bit difficult to travel with.

I’ll definitely use it up, but I’m probably going to leave it at my parent’s house so I can avoid a possible leak in my suitcase.

MINU hair serum bottle

Hair serum

I really love using this on my hair! I work 5-6 spritzes into my hair after towel drying it and it really helps to lock in moisture.

The product itself smells amazing and I use so little of it each time I’m sure it will last a long time.

Although the packaging of a couple of the products is not ideal, I do really like the products inside and my hair is definitely showing the benefits of using sulphate-free products.

Do you have any favourite sulphate-free products? I would love to know what they are so I can test them out.

*PR Samples

  • Ahhh these look amazing, right up my street! It’s so tricky to find sulphate free haircare, I usually go for OGX products but would love to give these a try 😀 xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    • DippyWrites

      You really should, they’re so luxurious and lovely to use

  • CutieandherBeauty

    I absolutely love going sulfate free!My curls definitely appreciated it!(:

    • DippyWrites

      Yep mine do too! It’s so much better for my hair 🙂

      • CutieandherBeauty

        Agreed.Honestly don’t know what I was doing before sulfate free haha(: