Creating picture perfect pancakes

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Celebrating pancake day

Since I was little, we’ve always made a big deal out of pancake day. We would gather all of our friends at our house and each take turns flipping a pancake. I always remember feeling nervous to do mine, certain it would end up stuck to the ceiling!

I used to pile my pancakes high with fresh fruit and whipped cream, they were seriously delicious! Unfortunately, this year I spent Pancake Day on a jam packed day trip to Paris with my mum (stay tuned for a write up of that!) so instead of missing out completely, I stocked up on all of the pancake essentials and got busy making the most delicious, aesthetically pleasing pancakes I could last Sunday.

Pancake Day stack fresh fruit

Creating picture perfect pancakes

Now, as much as I love smothering my pancakes in inches of Nutella, those pancakes don’t exactly make the prettiest pictures…

I see so many pretty food pictures on Instagram (I have a love/hate relationship with them, they look so good but I know I’ll never be able to create them myself!) so this Pancake Day I decided to up the pretty and load my pancakes up with oodles and oodles of fresh fruit.

This pancake stack is probably the prettiest food I’ve ever created and because I literally just threw fruit on top it was really easy to make (and delicious to eat).

aesthetically pleasing pancakes berries Robinsons strawberry and kiwi squash

What to drink with pancakes

Ok, so I seeing as most of my Pancake Day memories are from my childhood, I thought I would just opt for Robinsons fruit squash – classic!

Our house was always stocked with Robinsons when I was younger, but since moving out I rarely buy it so this was a nice little treat. Even better, Robinsons Fruit Squash contains no added sugar, and a 250ml serving contains 5 calories or less. I also find using squash encourages me to drink far more water than I usually would. 

The strawberry and kiwi squash is one of my favourites, and I found this cute glass in our cupboards so I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of it alongside my pancake stack.

I really enjoyed making these pancakes, and I’m hoping this time next year I’ll be able to celebrate it with my family, old school.

How did you celebrate Pancake Day? What toppings do you opt for on yours?

  • Adele Miner

    Oh my god these look deeelicious! You have an amazing blog here, keep up the hard work, it’s completely paying off! x

    • DippyWrites

      Thanks so much, glad you’re enjoying my blog

  • Oh my word! These look incredibly delicious! Thanks for sharing your tips! My favourite toppings have got to be honey, strawberries and bananas 🙂


    • DippyWrites

      You’re welcome, love creating Instagram worthy food!

  • I love pancakes and these look delicious!


    • DippyWrites

      They really were!