February in review – Love month

february love month review

February love month

I feels like the months are flying by at lightening speed right now, and I’m not sure how happy I am with that! February has been a particularly busy month for me, and with everything going on I found myself unsure about whether or not I wanted to continue blogging…There seems to be so much negativity around right now, it’s hard to keep focused.

February’s theme was Love, so I thought I would take time in this post to do three things: share my five favourite photos, five things I’ve learnt and five blog posts I’ve enjoyed reading across the blogosphere.

Five photos

BARREtoned leg stretch demo

I’ve really thrown myself into BARRE this past month, and I love this photo because it shows how much more confident I am with the moves since I started!

I bleedin’ love this outfit, and I even got the chance to wear it to the BRITs a week ago!

beauty edit pink products

I’ve been really working on my flaylay game recently and I think this is one of my best from the month.

I stocked up on Lush Valentine’s products and the Lovestruck bubble bar was one of my favourites that I picked up.

Finally, we have my favourite casual outfit, I find this top is really flattering and these boots have become a staple item in my wardrobe recently.

Five things

  • Vix hosts THE best dating events, seriously, I had such a laugh at her first one in February!
  • Day trips to a different city are exhausting, but so much fun (stay tuned for a blog post on this…)
  • Making gradual changes to your diet makes it a lot easier to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Taking time out for exercise classes is the perfect way to get some headspace
  • Ban yourself from screens after 9pm, trust me, it’s life changing and you’ll sleep SO much better

Five blogs

  • Lily shared some products she’s fallen back in love with and I can see why, they’re beaut!
  • I’m obsessed with freakshakes, they just look so insane and tasty, and this strawberry one is amazing
  • Social media can feel a bit all consuming sometimes, so I really relate to this post from Martha
  • Nia talked about the cost of selling yourself short and I couldn’t agree more with her opinions
  • Megan has talked about how blogging consumed her and I just found myself nodding my head as I read along

Now that we’ve wrapped February, it’s time to look forward to March and introduce my theme for the month.

March’s theme is…

Family March theme

I love spending time with family, so what better theme to have for March?! I’ve got a few things planned already, and the general aim is to stick to content that relates to family and heritage. I’m really excited to get working on some posts and shooting some photos!

  • Ursula Ball

    I enjoyed reading this post of the various things that you have been doing!!



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      Thanks 🙂 Love doing monthly round-ups