All of the metallic glow – Sleek Distorted Dreams

Sleek makeup metallic glow glazed

Sleek Distorted Dreams collection

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Sleek Distorted Dreams launch party (you may have seen some snaps from it on my Instagram Story – @AlbertineSarah) and was given an exclusive preview of some of their newest products which are yet to launch. Within the Distorted Dreams collection are three metallic matte lip creams and one blindingly holographic highlighter palette – if you’re curious about swatches I have some below, so keep reading!

The collection is due to launch on May 31st, and I’m sure the palette is going to be a sellout because it’s just so beautiful, so mark the date in your calendar if you want to guarantee getting your hands on it.

Sleek Glazed AF collection Sleek Distorted Dreams highlighter swatches

Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette*

This is just beautiful. I had the golden shade (swatch on the right above, top of the palette) applied to my cheekbones during the event and had so many compliments on how good it looked afterwards. Therefore, I’m interested to see how I get on applying this myself, the powders are impressively soft so I’m sure they’ll be a dream to work with. There are three creams in the palette too, and when I swatched them on the back of my hand they felt like they melted onto my skin, making them really easy to blend and work in for a subtle glow.

This will be £10.99 when it launches, which is a total steal for five highlighting shades and a mixture of creams and powders.

Sleek Matte Me Metallic lipsticks

L-R: Roman Copper, Rusted Rose, Volcanic

Matte Me Metallic Lip Creams*

There are three metallic lip colours in the collection and, in my opinion, they’re all pretty wearable shades. The shades are: Roman Copper (a bright golden bronze), Rusted Rose (a metallic mauve) and Volcanic (a light pink with rose gold tones). Out of the three I think I’ll get the most wear out of Rusted Rose because the mauve base is gorgeous. Roman Copper is definitely the most tricky to pull off, but will look gorgeous with a tan. The formula for these isn’t very pigmented, so I would recommend applying a layer, letting it dry, then applying another to build up the colour.

These will be £4.99 each when they launch, such a steal!

*PR Samples