New things for spring in my beauty stash

New products in

Sometimes products are added to my beauty stash in dribs and drabs, and while I wouldn’t typically write a blog post focused on just one product (unless it was seriously amazing) I thought I could put these all together in one big spring post about what I’ve recently been trying and loving.

I’ve got a mixture of body, hair and lash products to share with you this time round and all of these have found their own little space in my beauty stash. Read on below for my mini reviews of each thing….

kiss lash couture midnight

Kiss Lash Couture in Midnight*

I tend to go for very subtle, light lashes as I worry anything too big or full will weight my lashes down and look ridiculous on me. Being sent these faux mink lashes was the perfect excuse for me to try and more dramatic lash style, and I have to say I’m hooked on them!

I wore the Midnight set for a Sleek makeup launch party a couple of weeks ago and I was seriously impressed with how easy they were to apply and how well they sat on my lashline. They did feel slightly heavy (probably because they’re far more dramatic than what I normally wear) but I wasn’t that noticeable. I’m definitely going to be repeat buying these for special events I have.

OGX coconut milk shampoo conditioner

Shower essentials

ShaveWorks Pearl Polish Body Oil* So up until now I’ve been pretty lazy with my shaving. I tend to just use whatever shower gel is in my shower, which I’m sure isn’t best for my legs! I’m switching to using this right now, it definitely makes shaving a lot smoother and I’m hoping it’s going to reduce irritation in the long run.

OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner* I was given these minis at the Glamour Beauty Festival and honestly, they are one of the most useful things in my beauty drawers. I visit my family home every one to two weeks, and when I do I always bring shampoo and conditioner with me so I can wash my hair. These are so mini they fit in my bag perfectly and the formula is spot on for hydrating and nourishing my hair. I might pick up the full sized versions when I use up the duo I currently have in my shower, they’re that good.

Dr PawPaw balm

Dr PawPaw original balm*

I’ve had a mini tube of this in my lipstick drawer for a while now, and I find it’s perfect for keeping my lips hydrated. This much larger tube means I can use it in a more multi-purpose way (the lip tube is quite small, so I was worried about using it all up too quickly). I’m going to keep using it on my lips, but also use it on my cuticles and split ends.

unwash dry cleanser

Unwash Dry Cleanser*

I thought I had found my holy grail dry shampoo in the CoLab London can, but this one is far superior and I bloody love it! First off, it smells incredible and the scent really lingers. I was wondering why I smelt so good all day and the only thing I could put it down to is this. Not only that, but as a dry cleanser, I find it less gritty than most dry shampoos and you really can’t notice it at all in my hair when I use it. I’m going to be using this non-stop until it’s all used up, I can’t see myself using another dry shampoo.

*PR Samples

  • Charlotte Gransden

    I’ve got those ogx products on my to try list and I can’t wait until I have finished my current shampoos haha. I haven’t tried that dry shampoo but my favourite at the moment is a sainsburys one (it’s either Phil or Paul smith) and it smells like lemon sherbet and is only about £1.50

    • DippyWrites

      OGX have such a wide range of products and are so reasonably priced, definitely going to stock up when I run out. I’ll have to check out that Sainsbury’s dry shampoo