Olverum bath oil travel set

Olverum bath oil travel packaging

Olverum bath oil

I don’t know about you, but for me there’s nothing more relaxing than a hot bath after a long day. While I tend to reach for the Lush bath bombs to transform my baths, I have more recently been leaning towards using bath oils because I find them far more nourishing for my skin as the oil stays on my body after I get out of the bath.

I also tend to find the scent from bath oils lingers a lot longer than that from bath bombs, so I smell good all evening, which can often help me to get to sleep if the scent includes lavender!

Olverum’s bath oil honestly smells amazing, it’s a combination of essential oils which are perfect for easing stress and relaxing tension. They were lovely enough to send me their mini travel set* which I have been testing out this past week.

Olverum bath oil travel set olverum bath oil one sample travel bottle

The travel set

The travel set I have consists of three 15ml bottles which are perfect for taking on a weekend away with you. You can get three baths out of each bottle, which is perfect for me as it means from the entire set you get nine baths. A little of this definitely goes a long way as using the 5ml recommended amount left me with a beautifully fragranced bath that I couldn’t wait to get into.

The scent is really relaxing, and includes lemon, lime, lavender, geranium and eucalyptus oils which are perfect for unwinding. After my bath I felt really relaxed and the scent lingered on my skin well into the morning, which was amazing.

This travel set is just £16, which works out at just under £2 per bath, so far cheaper than most bath bombs! If you’re looking for a bath oil to try out, I really recommend checking this set out because it’s lovely.

Olverum bath oil travel bottles

*PR Samples