Sanctuary Spa Shower Burst Foams

sanctuary spa shower foams

Sanctuary Spa Shower Burst Foams

The first shower foam I came across was by Rituals and it was a bit of a revelation! Since then, I haven’t really seen any other brands doing shower foams, so when I spied these on the shelves in Boots I just had to snap them up to see how they compare to Rituals offerings.

As you can see, Sanctuary Spa have had a bit of a rebrand, and lots of their products now have this beautiful rose gold detailing on them. Both shower foams come in a 200ml can that fits perfectly in my shower but isn’t the most travel-friendly!

Sanctuary Spa Purifying Charcoal Shower Burst

Purifying Charcoal Shower Burst

I was SO interested to try this shower foam, especially because it’s formulated with charcoal which means the foam is a dark grey colour. I’ve given this a quick test, and while the charcoal coloured foam is a fun novelty, it is really thick which means it does feel a bit like you’re covering your body in shaving foam!

That said, I do find this is still enjoyable to use, and is a nice change from my usual shower gels. There’s no obvious, strong scent so if you like your shower products subtle it’ll be right up your street.

£7 here

Sanctuary Spa 3 Day Long Lasting Moisture Shower Burst

3 Day Long Lasting Moisture Shower Burst

Any product that promises to keep my skin moisturised long-term is automatically interesting to me, so when I spotted this sat next to the charcoal foam in Boots, I just had to take it home with me. This foam is the same consistency as the charcoal one, which is a bit too thick for me, but it’s still enjoyable to use.

You’ll notice on the front it says it includes ‘gold of pleasure oil’ now, I don’t know about you but I have no bleedin’ clue what that could possibly be, I can only assume it helps to moisturise the skin?!

£7 here