Five face masks for LITERAL Netflix and chill

Liz Earle hardening clay mask

Face masks for Netflix and chill

Alright, get your mind out of the gutter, before we even begin this post I feel like I should clarify that I really do mean LITERAL Netflix watching and chilling out…preferably alone.

Now that the days are getting shorter and we’re all spending a lot more time cancelling social plans to spend time huddled up in bed binging on Stranger Things and Wet Hot American Summer (just me?) I thought I would put together a little face mask edit. I slap a face mask on, without fail, every time I settle down for a long watching session and I’ve learnt (the hard way) to stick to masks that can be left on for an infinite amount of time without overwhelming your skin.

These five are perfect for slapping on before you hit ‘watch next episode’.

Sephora lotus face mask

The sheet mask

I am a sheet mask addict, I swear I would wear one for at least an hour every day if I could, I just find them so soothing on my skin! These are great for popping on before you binge, leave the mask to sink in for a whole episode, then just remove and chuck in the bin before massaging in any extra product, easy peasy!

My favourite sheet mask brands are Oh K! and Sephora, this Lotus mask is perfect for soothing the skin and a bargain at just $6.

Burts Bees Intense Hydration Treatment Mask

L-R: Burts Bees Intense Hydration Treatment Mask, 7th Heaven Dead Sea Mud Pac, Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask

The heavy hydrator

Sometimes the colder, windy weather really dries my skin out, to the point where I have horrible dry patches and it feels really gross. Of course, in that situation I’m straight onto the exfoliators, but I also like to crack out my hydrating masks to give my skin a real pamper. These are similar in consistency to a heavy moisturiser, so I like to leave them on for as long as possible and just massage in any extra product.

Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Treatment* (£19.99) is one of my favourites.

The purifying mud

This is something I’ve been applying liberally recently because my skin is having a complete WTF moment and freaking the freak out. Mud masks are perfect for purifying the skin, and preventing break outs, so I tend to slap then on when my skin is waving a white flag.

7th Heaven Dead Sea Mud Pac* is a classic and around £6 for a tube.

Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask

The deep cleanser

Sometimes my skin just needs a deep clean (especially if I’ve been burning the candle at both ends, which I have the past couple of weeks because I just can’t seem to say no to a good ol’ night out) so just before I get settled in to watch multiple Rick and Morty episodes I paste my face with a thin layer of cleansing mask.

My favourite is the Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask, it’s £17.50 and 100% worth it.

Perricone MD Firming Foam Mask

The ad break quick fix

Don’t like leaving masks on for too long? Then I have an ad break quick fix for you! I’m a massive Celebs Go Dating fan, so when I want to give Netflix a rest I’ll binge on that and use the ad breaks for an express facial. Any mask that can work wonders in less than five minutes is a winner to me, and so handy to have in my beauty stash.

This Perricone MD Firming Foam Mask* is PURE MAGIC and I love using it, £48

*PR Samples