Cheryl x L’Oreal lip kits

L'Oreal lip paint matte lip kit

Cheryl x L’Oreal Lip Kits

HOW GORGEOUS ARE THESE?! I know the concept of a lip kit isn’t anything new, but the three shades included in this little edit really do make them worth picking up, because they’re just so pretty and unique. I’ve been eyeing these up since seeing them promoted across social media, and was lucky enough to be gifted all three* when I dropped into the L’Oreal offices last week (cue me itching to swatch them, but patiently waiting until the weekend so I could get good blog photos).

There are three lip kits and they are as follows:

Paint It Peach – A warm pinky nude

Paint It Greige  – A cool-toned grey/purple

Paint It Burgundy – A deep brown red

To be honest, I’m struggling to choose a favourite because they’re all gorgeous and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of wear out of all three over the next few months!

L'Oreal infallible lip liners packaging L'Oreal lip liners close up

Inside the lip kit…

Each lip kit is £9.99 and comes with a matte lip paint and a corresponding lip liner. When applying these, I first outlined my lips with the liner, then filled them in using it before applying the lip paint over the top. I felt this would be the best way to lock in the colour and it definitely gave me a super pigmented finish that I was really happy with!

Cheryl lip kit paint it peach swatched

Paint It Peach

This is definitely the easiest shade to apply and wear, so if you’re not feeling too adventurous I would go for this one. I was worried this would be too warm-toned for me, but I’m happy to report that it wasn’t and will definitely be one that suits most people. I found this one really easy to apply, as the colour is quite neutral and nude, so your application doesn’t need to be as precise.

Lip Kit Paint It Greige

Paint It Greige

As I started applying this I was sure I was going to hate it, the lip pencil is VERY grey and I was ready to look like death warmed up…Luckily, once I had applied the lip paint over the top I got a very nice grey-purple that is surprisingly wearable! It’s kind of similar to MAC’s Up The Amp, if that’s your vibe and it’s one I’m going to wear when I want to step right out of my makeup comfort zone. I think this would look insane with a dark smokey eye so I might give that a go next.

Lip Kit Paint It Burgundy 

Paint It Burgundy

I bloomin love this one, although I wouldn’t say that it’s matte as you can see the finish is far glossier than the other two. This is a gorgeous deep reddy brown that is so perfect for autumn and winter. This was the hardest to apply, I had to really layer it on for an opaque finish, but it’s worth it for the gorgeous end result (at least, I think it is). Be prepared to really have to work with this one if you do try it out, it’s not a slick on and go!

*PR Samples

  • Sophie Blackwell

    These all look so gorgeous on you! The last two are so perfect for autumn/winter…I’m a bit of a wimp with my lipstick though so I think I’d probably pick up the first one! Xx Sophie /

    • Ahh thanks so much! The first is definitely the easiest to wear and so pretty x